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A 6 year old programmer


This is a cute post about a dad teaching his son to program a game. I got started in CS by programming my own games, too. This was because, unlike the other cool kids, I didn't have any games on my computer, since my Dad had an Apple. My first CS book was TRS80 Basic Computer Games, which I bought with a quarter while I was out yard sale shopping with my mom. This was an old book, even at that time, and it was not all that useful, since I didn't have a Radio Shack TRS80, so I had to port the code myself. This was back in elementary school, and my Dad quickly figured out that I had an interest in this sort of stuff and got me my first compiler: MS QuickBasic for Apple. The rest, as they say, is history...

How many other coders got their start this way?


10:53 AM, August 06, 2005 Anonymous said...

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