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The Untimely Death of MusicSearch

You might have noticed that I have disabled my MusicSearch script. The page was up for a grand total of 3 days(1/13-1/15). During that time, it got over 3400 hits from around 11o0 unique visitors. That means the average person performed about 3 searches using the script. I'm not sure how it got so popular, but it seems that someone initially discovered my page through the blogspot network and posted it on French news site. From there, the promise of free music started spreading and my link started showing up at several other french, spanish, and greek sites as well as music forums. Some of those links are still there: (here, here, here). Since I don't read any of those languages, I don't really know what they are saying about my page. The Google Translation of the comments gives me this:
piranha - 15/01/2006 to 13:04:36 thank you for the bond! Nicolas - 16/01/2006 to 09:41:45 it was surely a good idea. When that functioned coconut - 17/01/2006 to 01:43:30 It was well yes, and there was also French song! Not like there bond
Although, my script later used caching, at some point the operator of the radio.blog network started to take notice of the traffic and sent me the following e-mail:
From: astro@mubility.com
To: mike@cs.stanford.edu

I'm the owner of radio.blog.club.
What can I do that make you remove your script ?

What you do will bring us nowhere. When you make it easy to download MP3
from my website, you take both of us to an illegal level. One day or another, someone will ask to shut the site off because of this, and we will have no choice that take it down.

I'm not sure this is what you want. So PLEASE, remove your script.


So, I have complied with astro's wishes, and removed my script, which was completely functioning at that time. Radio.blog's system encourages people to upload their music into publically accessible locations on the webserver. Their search engine at http://radioblogclub.com makes it easy to find anyone's radio.blog music.


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