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Friendly Big Brother is Watching You

I'm actually a supporter of increased government surveillance.

My friends know that whenever I go to events, I rarely take pictures. I am the un-documentarian. And thus, I have suffered, as my episodic memory is not that great. I think the federal government should improve their tracking and satellite surveillance abilities. That way, I can have great photos and videos of myself wherever I go, 24 x 7, and never have to worry about bringing along a camera. They should also improve their internet traffic monitoring systems to snoop on my network activity, so that I never have to backup my e-mail files again. While they're at it, monitor all my financial transactions so that they can do my taxes for me automatically every year.

If you're reading this blog post, federal government, also consider this: After you've started collecting this huge database you can then create a premium level web service. Allow users to pay an annual subscription fee to log in with their federal credentials. You might even make some money off this and start paying back that deficit. I'd totally use this service as it's much more likely for the U.S. government to be in business in the long term than Flickr or Picassa.

UPDATE: http://io9.com/5191353/what-happens-when-security-cameras-get-involved-with-matchmaking


8:08 PM, March 24, 2009 Marius said...

That would be cool and scary at the same time. What about the people who live outside the US? Maybe their government doesn't have enough money to invest in this kind of technology :)

7:17 PM, June 21, 2009 Olina said...

Haha, that sounds funny! I like the tax return part. However I rather do Tax myself instead of being taking picture 24X7 or being monitored online the whole time. Maybe you are more open minded than me. :)