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Happy Father's Day

Made it into office at a record 12:45PM... I'm putting the finishing touches on this vertical crawler I'm working on and eating a Honey Ham sandwich I brought for lunch. All of the sudden I'm surrounded by three skinny Latino girls with short frilly skirts, bleach died hair, and tight revealing tops.

"Hi, Michael! Is that your name?", I hear as I swivel around and notice the out-of-place female in front of me. I look across the hall at Scott, sitting in his office and giving me a smart smirk.

"The Elements of Statistical Learning, how is that book?"
"It's a bit dry", I say.
"We're here selling perfume for Father's day", she says as she sprays a liberal amount of yellow liquid and massages it all over my arm. "How old are you?"
"I'm 22."
"Oh, so am I! What do you guys do here?"
"We make websites.."
"I have a website, too! Do you want to see my pictures?"
"It's ok."
"Normally, I would charge $30 for this cologne, but today, for you, It'll only be $15 since for Father's day. We take checks, too and it includes the box."
At this point I escort the ladies out of our office, and send them off. I go to the bathroom to wash off the cheap cologne off both my arms. I still smell it...

LOL, only in the Valley.. I wonder how far they walked today. Reminds me of the days in high school me and Saee used to walk into high-tech companies and through tech park parking lots looking for jobs.


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