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Speech Synthesis + Wikipedia

Ever simply wanted an MP3 of a Wikipedia article that you could take on the go in your Ipod?? Ever wanted to save a bunch of articles so that you could listen to them during rush hour traffic??

Yeah, neither did I.

However, today I found myself writing a quick script to do just that and if you by chance answered "yes" to any of those questions above then you are in luck! It's almost as simple as it could possibly be. You just supply the topic in the URL and the script generates a direct download of the MP3 in response.

The basic format I use looks like this: http://madfast.com/wikiread.cgi?q=[YOUR QUERY]. There are also a bunch of secret parameters I added that can be used to change the voice and file format.

Here are some examples:

http://madfast.com/wikiread.cgi?q=Computational Biology

Go crazy.